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Fees: MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you do not receive a discharge I will refund 100% of my fee. (I have never had to do this!!!!!).

Chapter 7. (under median income, no assets, no exemption planning, low maintenance client) $900 plus $478 for costs (includes $335 filing fee, mandatory credit counseling class, mandatory financial management class, and a 3 source credit report).

Chapter 7. (over median income, means test is required, exemption planning required or high maintenance client) $1200 plus $478 for costs (same as above).

Chapter 13. Each case is different so it depends upon the circumstances. The lowest rate is $403 and it could be as high as $1903 (includes all costs).


I believe in prosperity through free enterprise.  Free enterprise gives us the freedom and tools to control our financial lives.  It is the best financial system in the world.

Banks and credit card companies abuse the system. They have the upper hand from beginning to end because they are the big guys and we are the small guys. Banks only care about one thing, profits. They do not care if we lose our homes or cars to repossession. All they want is our money and if the law permitted, they would take every penny we have.

  • They offer us credit limits we can’t repay. When we miss a payment they lower the credit limit and charge ridiculous late fees and high interest rates.
  • They offer introductory interest rates of 0% that eventually become 16%, and if we miss a payment 29%.
  • They loan us money to buy a house we can’t afford then foreclose our right to keep it.
  • They play on our sense of guilt and bet on us choosing to become their financial servant.

When we continue to pay on debts that will never be paid off, or debts that have been repaid twice or three times over, we are no longer part of the free market and the system is damaged. When enough of us become slaves to the credit card companies the system fails.

Thankfully the law gives us the right to fight back. We can file a Voluntary Petition declaring bankruptcy and I am blessed with the privilege to be your champion.

When I obtain a discharge injunction for you, and I have a money back guarantee that says I will, then I have protected the system by leveling the playing field between the big guys and the little guys.

This is why I fight for you as a Tucson bankruptcy attorney.


I am proud to say that I have been awarded a “Superb” rating by Avvo. Avvo’s mission is to help consumers make the best decision for their important legal needs. I also have an “A+” rating with the BBB.

Please take a moment to watch the videos I have created. They are designed to answer many of the questions you have about declaring bankruptcy in Tucson, Arizona and repairing your credit. I also invite you to visit with me in my office at no cost. I will spend time discussing your options and answering your questions free of charge and with no obligation to you.


I am one of Tucson’s most prolific filers of bankruptcy petitions. That didn’t just happen by luck. My staff and I work hard to make sure our clients have a superior experience with our firm. I know you want a bankruptcy attorney that communicates effectively. That is why I developed a system to deal with this issue. I have set aside one hour everyday to speak to my clients on the phone. This one hour block moves throughout the week so all of my clients can usually be accommodated. It works really well. So if ever you call my office and I’m not available simply request to be placed in my call block.

I handle every case that comes through my office. I review each case on a weekly basis to make sure it is on track. The track has nine separate and distinct stages. Each stage has a specific purpose. I have developed this track though many years of practice and it has proven to be a very effective way to handle bankruptcy matters. You can see a summary of the nine stages here.

I’m going to make the process as painless as possible for you. I will get you signed up for the mandatory credit counseling class and the mandatory financial management class. Both of these classes can be done online or on the phone. I will get a commercial grade, three source credit report so there is no need to gather a shoe box full of bills. I will help you complete our workbook, give you a type written list of the documents I will need, prepare and electronically file all the paperwork, attend the meeting with the trustee, get your discharge injunction and the court order closing your case. I have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases in Tucson so you do not have to worry about anything.

Thank you for considering me and my firm. I know there are many Tucson bankruptcy attorneys to choose from and making a selection can be a difficult task. If you hire me I will work hard to keep you informed of the progress of your case and to produce your desired results.


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