Bankruptcy Process In Tucson

Bankruptcy Sign

 Step By Step In Tucson.

This step by step bankruptcy process has withstood the test of time. Be very careful of attorneys who only have a 3 step process because here, as in all areas of your life, you get what you pay for! I track my cases from step 1 to step 9, and will keep you informed so you know the case is complete. 

This bankruptcy process substantially reduces the possibility of errors and omissions in Tucson, Arizona . It also allows you and I to easily track the progress of your case.

Step 1- Hire the Firm
You will sign a contract and we will provide you with Part A of the workbook and  a list a documents we need to prepare your Petition, Statements and Schedules.

Step 2-  Workbook
I will complete Part B of the workbook and enroll you in the mandatory credit counseling class (this is a simple one hour class done online at your convenience).

Step 3- Prepare bankruptcy Petition, Statements and Schedules
We will prepare all the paperwork required to ensure that your case will be accepted by the court, the trustee, the creditors and the United States Trustee. A typical package of bankruptcy paperwork is about 30-50 pages in length.

Step 4-You sign the documents
You will review and sign the documents.

Step 5- File documents with the bankruptcy court
We handle all of the filing requirements so that all your creditors receive notice of your bankruptcy filing. The automatic stay goes into effect the instant your case is filed. If there is an active garnishment in your case, we will stop it. If there is a trustee sale set on your home, we will stop it.

Step 6- 341 Hearing
Typically, this is a simple five minute meeting with the trustee. I will be there with you to handle any issues that may arise.

Step 7- Negotiation/Confirmation
If  we file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and a creditor requests a reaffirmation agreement then we will handle that for you. If we file a chapter 13 bankruptcy on your behalf then we will have the plan confirmed.

Step 8-Discharge
The court will issue a permanent discharge injunction against your creditors preventing them from any ongoing collection attempts.

Step 9-Close the case
The court will enter an order officially closing the case.



                                  Do not hire an attorney who does not have his main office in Tucson.  Why?  Because……….

  • There is a good chance they will not appear at your 341 hearing, typically they will hire a Tucson attorney, who knows nothing about your case,  to stand in for them and Trustees do not like that. 
  • You can’t pop in to their office at your convenience because he won’t be there, neither will his staff because he does not have staff in Tucson.  He only comes to Tucson to sit with potential new clients. My clients visit my office unannounced all the time to drop off documents, to make payments, and other reasons and if i am not available my staff is. 
  • Most of these out of town attorneys are from Phoenix but some are from Utah and other states. They do not understand the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the Tucson process and Tucson Trustees. 
  • It just does not make sense.